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January 2012

Van Brunt Earth Explorers

Horicon vs. Mayville Basketball

1LT David A. Johnson Wreath Ceremony

February 2012

1LT David A. Johnson Motorcade

1LT David A. Johnson Visitation

1LT David A. Johnson Memorial Service

1LT David A. Johnson Flag Folding

Four Chaplains Observance

Mayville & Horicon Ice Rescue

Horicon Ice Skating Party

HHS Spelling Bee

Horicon National Honor Society

St. Stephen Jump Rope For Heart

2012 Wrestling Sectionals

March 2012

Mayville vs Horicon Girls Bball

Horicon Donkey Basketball

Lomira Girls Bball vs Omro
(Regional Semifinal) 3/9

Lomira Girls Bball vs Berlin
(Regional Final) 3/10

April 2012

Mayville Easter Basket Hunt

June 2012

Horicon Graduation 2012

Lomira Graduation 2012

Mayville Graduation 2012

September 2012

Mayville Cross Country

Sacred Heart Festival

Mayville Lomira Football

Harlem Ambassadors

Lomira Soccer and Volleyball Parents Night

October 2012

Audubon Days 2012

Horicon Homecoming 2012

Lomira vs. WLA Football

Mayville Homecoming 2012

Lomira Homecoming 2012

Lomira Football vs. Cambria-Friesland

November 2012

Horicon Trick or Treat

Boys Basketball – Lomira vs. Horicon

September 2011

Mayville Homecoming

October 2011

Audubon Days 25th Anniversary

Audubon Days 25th Anniversary II

Horicon Homecoming

Horicon Homecoming II

Lomira Homecoming

Fire Prevention

Horicon Van Brunt Pumpkin Decorating

Area Trick or Treat

November 2011

Mayville Veterans Memorial

Horicon Craftathon

Van Brunt Kindergarten Thanksgiving

December 2011

Horicon Cookies & Milk with Santa

Iron Ridge Santa Visit

Family Literacy Night

January 2013

Boys Basketball – Mayville vs. Lomira

LeRoy Butler

February 2013

Horicon NHS Induction

March 2013


April 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Soccer Game

May 2013

Horicon Graduation 2013

Lomira Graduation 2013

June 2013

Mayville Graduation 2013

Theresa Fireman's Parade & Picnic

July 2013

Governer Scott Walker / Mayville

Knowles Parade & Picnic

KIDS from Wisconsin

October 2013

Audubon Days 2013

Lomira Homecoming 2013

Horicon Homecoming 2013

Mayville Homecoming 2013

May 2014

Horicon Graduation 2014

Lomira Graduation 2014

Mayville Graduation 2014

June 2014

Theresa Firemens Picnic 2014

July 2014

Rock 'N Boom – Mayville 2014

Truck & Tractor Pull – Mayville 2014

August 2014

Dodge County Fair 2014

Theresa Tractor Pull 2014

Audubon Days 2014

October 2014

Horicon Homecoming 2014

Lomira Homecoming 2014

Mayville Homecoming 2014

Iron Ridge Fire Dept. 2014 OPEN HOUSE AND DEDICATION

Lomira Trick or Treat 2014

Mayville Trick or Treat 2014

December 2014

Horicon Cookies and Milk 2014




January 2015

Theresa Blood Drive

Lomira Boys Basketball vs. Omro

Lomira Wrestling vs. Laconia

Spaghetti Eating Contest

Lomira Community Theatre New Year's Play

TLC Health Fair

Lomira Girls Basketball vs Laconia

National Lutheran Schools Week
St. John's & St. Stephen

February 2015

Van Brunt Talent Show

March 2015

Lomira Band at Disney 2015

April 2015

Local Easter Happenings

Lip Sync in Mayville

May 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Horicon Graduation 2015

Mayville Graduation 2015

Lomira Graduation 2015

June 2015

Horicon Jersey Street Festival 2015













Sales Manager Email sales email